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New Era

What an incredible year of new friends, fun times, 3AM burritos, new music, Golden Hour,  Turf club creative sessions, Influx meetings, happy hour club, bonez clerb, Jaycee’s salsa, and above all else real community & creative productivity. Habitat House, you have treated me well and I will miss you and everything that comes with the territory… [...]


I don’t know why we didn’t post this earlier but check out Jackson’s latest ink. HH 4 Life!

Internet Girls

Brooklyn-based illustrator Leah Reena Goren spent the Summer with us in her native San Diego working on a body of illustration and pattern design. She’s become a stylemaker, receiving press from influential blogs including Ventricular Projects, Calivintage, Oh Joy! and DailyCandy NY, among others. “Internet Girls is the result of the cycling of images and tastes through the Internet [...]

Craft Jam II

We did it once, it was a blast so we’re doing it again. Bring your pencils and paints, your yarn and fabric, kite making material, model airplanes what ever you like to make with your hands… bring to the house on Saturday. By 2 or 3pm we’ll be busy cutting up old Nat Geos and [...]

Free Bike

Scott locked his bike up to our fence about a month ago… he lost the key to his U-Lock and there was really nothing any of us could do. We called a locksmith and got a ridiculous quote to remove the bike. So finally I called my longtime (and handiest) friend Jordan and of course [...]

Neighbors : Opening Reception

After spending the last few nights hanging art, cleaning house and painting a big map on the wall, it was such a blast/relief to hang out with everyone at the house for the Neighbors opening. It was a lot of work but double the amount of fun to see such a diverse group of artists [...]

Craft Jam 2011

Hey! It’s a craft jam. Bring projects or supplies (paper, glue, scizzors, paint, glitter, fabric, yarn, etc. etc.), have a drink or a few, hang out and get crafty!


What began as a modest hair styling & fingernail painting session … quickly turned into a full blown porch party at Habitat House. The past two weeks have been NUTS and I think there was nothing left to do but release a little Friday-afternoon-steam with a 12pack of Coors Light, left over fajitas from Pokéz [...]

Getting Established

The last few weeks have been pretty great. I’m actually sort of amazed that I live in this house. The months ahead will be dedicated to dialing in the space, but for now, there’s nothing better than enjoying a cup of coffee out on the porch – I’ve been looking forward to that for a [...]