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Introducing… Carly Ealey

With Dylan moving to New York, we decided that the house needed a feminine touch (and also someone who could take rad photos and enjoyed dish washing like Dylan did…). So we’re pleased to introduce to you the latest addition to the Habitat trinity, Miss Carly Ealey. Carly is a bad ass photographer, she likes [...]

New Era

What an incredible year of new friends, fun times, 3AM burritos, new music, Golden Hour, ¬†Turf club creative sessions, Influx meetings, happy hour club, bonez clerb, Jaycee’s salsa, and above all else real community & creative productivity.¬†Habitat House, you have treated me well and I will miss you and everything that comes with the territory… [...]

It’s Official

After six months of jumping through hoops, the short sale is complete and we (my parents and I) officially own Habitat House. Pretty fucking crazy is all I can say… here’s to a great decade.


I don’t know why we didn’t post this earlier but check out Jackson’s latest ink. HH 4 Life!

Goldcoast Longboards

Our buddies from Goldcoast Longboards swung by the house last month, bringing with them a slew of new completes and a small film crew. Neighbor and part-time shredder Joel P West came down to sample the goods (as captured above), while Goldcoast art director Dustin Ortiz took hot laps down Broadway. Check out a few [...]


Ever since this logo was conceived, we’ve envisioned printing it on a couple tees and hoodies, at least just for ourselves and our friends. We finally got around to burning the screen last week, and the results were solid. We’ll be making a small run (just under 50) of shirts, which will be available starting [...]

Artist Residency : Clea Minaker

We’re excited to partner with Sezio and MCASD to bring visual artist Clea Minaker all the way from Montreal for a week in sunny San Diego. We came across Clea’s work by suggestion of Wes Bruce and his discovery of her while watching “Look At What The Light Did Now“, a documentary on Feist’s 2008 [...]

Craft Jam II

We did it once, it was a blast so we’re doing it again. Bring your pencils and paints, your yarn and fabric, kite making material, model airplanes what ever you like to make with your hands… bring to the house on Saturday. By 2 or 3pm we’ll be busy cutting up old Nat Geos and [...]

Free Bike

Scott locked his bike up to our fence about a month ago… he lost the key to his U-Lock and there was really nothing any of us could do. We called a locksmith and got a ridiculous quote to remove the bike. So finally I called my longtime (and handiest) friend Jordan and of course [...]

Sunny Afternoons

January and February in Southern California always seem to be beautiful months, 2011 has been no different. 75 degrees and sunny, while the rest of the nation freezes their asses off. One of our favorite photographers, Carly Ealey, swung by the house for lunch the other day and snapped the above shot plus a handful [...]