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Month: May 2019

A Guide to Buying a Hand Saw

A Guide to Buying a Hand Saw

Buying hand saws may seem straightforward but it is a really complex procedure. There are many types of hand saws and each one of them is meant for a different function. The first-hand saws were made from animal jawbones with the teeth intact. The hand saw has since developed into one of the most important workshop tools and it is made in many ways. The following are some of the most important things to consider when buying your hand saw.

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  • Grip

If a hand saw does not give you a good grip, it may have a negative impact on your precision. A good grip is essential for good performance. If you intend to use your hand saw outside, consider buying one whose handle is rubber coated. The coated handle will give you a good grip even when the handle is wet.

  • Crosscut or Rip?

You need to think about the … Read More