5 Trends that’ll be “in” For 2017!

5 Trends that’ll be “in” For 2017!

With the arrival of 2017; home décor trends have seen a significant improvement and lots of new ways to make your homes more aesthetically appealing and beautiful have been introduced by top interior decorators and home décor experts all across the globe.

So much is happening in the field of interior designing that sometimes it gets very confusing for a common person to choose between so many options. The end result is that your finances get disturbed and you will have to cut back on your favorite home decorative items just because you can’t afford to buy them.

Your home is your sanctuary. It is probably the most loved place on earth where you would want to come back after a long tiring day at work. Therefore; it has to be comfortable and display an aura of luxury at the same time.

Often the budget constraints restrict us from buying some gorgeous items for our home décor. Here, the need to check the latest trends and happenings matter the most. Check out these 5 amazing trends which should be your ultimate choice for the year 2017 onwards.

1. Color Schemes:

 Choosing the right color patterns for your walls matters a lot especially when you want to balance it out well with the overall décor of your room.

For bedrooms and main hallways; light, sober wall colors are preferred while for living room and kitchens; dark colored wallpapers or wall paints are recommended. No matter whichever wall paints you opt for; make sure that they don’t give your home a gaudy look.

2. Bedroom Accessories:

Generally! The main bedroom accessories include the beddings. You can go for colorful bedding equipment for instance silk bed sets, gorgeous red velvet comforters, matching cushions and fluffy pillow sets.

Such beddings give your bedroom an ultimate royal look and you feel much relaxed. So, this year! Go for unique and trendy bedroom accessories.

3. Bookracks:

You will be amazed at the fact that how much style and grace a beautiful bookrack will give to your living room. We tend to ignore this fact that bookracks can be a good decorating accessory for our homes.

As per the home décor experts; they surely do! That’s why they strongly recommend adding a vintage-styled bookrack to your living room décor this year.

4. Kitchen Accessories:

Never ignore the importance of decorating your kitchen as it is the backbone of any home. This year is all about decorating your kitchen in the most fashionable way. Go for stylish cooking ware and you can even paint the kitchen cabinets with contrasting color combinations.

Adding beautiful food related pictures to the walls of your kitchen is yet another innovative idea to go for as it has never gone out of style.

5. Metallic Wall Art:

A relatively trend which has become immensely popular over the recent years and is here to stay for sure is to add mirrors and metallic wall art to the walls of your home.

The best thing about using metallic wall art is that it can be matched with any kind of room décor and can blend in perfectly with any colors that you like to apply in your home.

Adding a rustic rocking chair to your lawn will make it the best fit for your home.

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