A Guide to Buying a Hand Saw

A Guide to Buying a Hand Saw

Buying hand saws may seem straightforward but it is a really complex procedure. There are many types of hand saws and each one of them is meant for a different function. The first-hand saws were made from animal jawbones with the teeth intact. The hand saw has since developed into one of the most important workshop tools and it is made in many ways. The following are some of the most important things to consider when buying your hand saw.

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  • Grip

If a hand saw does not give you a good grip, it may have a negative impact on your precision. A good grip is essential for good performance. If you intend to use your hand saw outside, consider buying one whose handle is rubber coated. The coated handle will give you a good grip even when the handle is wet.

  • Crosscut or Rip?

You need to think about the type of cutting you will use your saw for. Cross-cutting means cutting across the grain of the wood. Rip cutting is where the cut is made along the grain. The shape and number of teeth per inch have an impact on your final results. A cross-cutting saw has teeth which are made to sever the fibres of wood while cutting. The saws have more teeth per inch than rip cutting saws. Rip cutting saws are made to splinter and chip on wood to make the cut.

  • The thickness of the Blade

Always consider the thickness of your blade before buying a hand saw. Thicker blades improve your precision by creating more stiffness. If, however, you are looking for more flexibility and control, thinner blades may be a better option. Medium blades are appropriate if you are looking for a balance of flexibility and precision.

  • Teeth Per Inch

The number of teeth per inch determines how finely your saw cuts. If you intend to use your saw for cutting fine wood, you need a saw with a low number of teeth per inch to reduce clogging. The appropriate number of teeth per inch is 10-14 for a cross-cutting saw and four to six teeth per inch for a ripping saw. Use saws with a high number of teeth per inch for cutting hardwoods. It is important to note that saws with a high number of teeth per inch cut slowly.

  • Blade Protection

Blade protection is mostly about protecting you and your surroundings. Consider the design of your blade before making your purchase. If possible, try it out and see how easy it is to use. If you buy a saw that is not easy to use, it may end up being an accessory that you cannot use.

Before buying your hand saws, it is important to have a clear idea of what you want. There are plenty of saws in the market so you can always find the right one to match your needs. Marshall Industrial Supplies Limited is one of the best centres to buy your hand saws and other tools in Nottingham.

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