Are Gas Fires Economical?

Are Gas Fires Economical?

Fireplaces Stockport are an excellent addition to your home. They add comfort to the room and boost your home’s resale value. While there are still homeowners who prefer the traditional wood-burning hearth, a gas burning fireplace is now a more popular choice. Aside from being more stylish and convenient, it’s also more economical. Read on to find out more about gas fireplaces.

3 Reasons to Get a Gas Fireplace

Proponents of gas burning fireplaces say they are better than wood burning stoves Stockport. The jury is still out on that one. But what’s certain is there are several good reasons why you should get a gas-powered fireplace.

  • Consistent Source of Heat: You don’t have to worry about replacing the wood in your heart. There’s always a heat source available.
  • Safer and Cleaner: Gas fired hearths are easy to maintain and don’t need to be cleaned in between uses. They also don’t leave behind creosote or other harmful contaminants.
  • Very Economical: It only costs an average of $74 to run this type of fireplace for a year. In comparison, wood-burning fireplaces would probably spend homeowners about $234 annually.

Types of Gas Burning Fireplace

Homeowners who are in the market for a gas burning fireplace have three options to choose from – the direct-vent, B vent, and ventless.

Direct-vent fireplaces are efficient and safe systems ideal for airtight homes. These systems push pollutants and fumes out of the house via a vent or chimney leading. Meanwhile, B vents take in the combustible air from inside the home and use a pipe system to vent out the exhaust. These systems are efficient in producing convection heat and are ideal for use in garages and workshops.

Lastly, ventless models can be installed even without vents or chimneys. Since there’s no downdraft, this unit is more effective in warming a room. It also has built-in sensors that automatically shut the fireplace off if the room’s oxygen levels dip, thereby keeping the home’s occupants safe.

How It Impacts Your Budget

Nothing beats a gas fires Stockport when it comes to efficiency and affordability. The total cost of installing a gas log hearth is somewhere between $3,600 and $8,000. It breaks down to $1,500 to $3,00 for the pre-built unit, cost, and installation of a gas exhaust pipe is $500 to $1,000 while the rest of the installed components falls between $1,500 to $3,000. The cost of hooking up a gas line depends on whether you’ll tap into an existing one or have a new line installed. The former will set you back $150 to $300 while the latter is around $300 to $800. While a gas fireplace will add to your bills, natural gas is relatively inexpensive. Expect to add about $60 to your gas bill yearly.

Most Efficient Gas Fires

The efficiency of the fire used is also something homeowners should consider. Fire efficiency here means how much of the generated heat is applied to warm the room versus the amount of heat wasted. The more heat used in warming the room, the more efficient the fire. There are several gas fires you can choose from:

  • Open Front: These fires look great because they channel the traditional fireplace look. They have an efficiency rating of 74% and supply heat through convected warm air that’s pulled underneath the fire. The air is heated with an exchanger and pushed out through a canopy at the top. There’s also radiant heat coming from the direction of the fuel bed.
  • Outset Fires: These are fires that sit on the hearth instead of into the chimney. The living flame style fireplace has a glass front that provides radiant heat. Cold air is drawn in, heated, and then expelled through convection. The fire can come with a coal, log, or pebble bed and has remote control features.
  • Flueless Fire: This is the ultimate choice in efficiency. Since there’s no chimney or external flue, the unit utilizes a built-in catalytic converter. This fire has a lower heat rating but is 100% efficient since all the heat is expelled into the room. More importantly, they come with self-monitoring safety features that check the air quality. A drop in air quality and the unit automatically switches off.

The Verdict

When it comes to Stockport fireplaces, you have to choose the one that’s best for your needs, lifestyle, and budget. Gas fireplaces have shown to be more economical regarding installation, maintenance, and monthly costs. It’s also more efficient in heating a room, thus adding more savings to your wallet.

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