Rug Pads – What Do They Do | Uses of Rug Pads

Rug pads help reduce the noise from the sound of your footfall as you walk on top of them, but they also play an important role in cushioning the impact your foot makes on your rug and can actually extend the life of your rug or floor covering.

But there are some other less obvious ways rug pads help you protect your home while making it more comfortable, so let’s take a look at them now.

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Rug Pads For Slippery Floors

All people want is a safe place to stand. Whether it’s in their home or place of business, slippery flooring can be an absolute nightmare!

That’s why so many individuals make sure to take advantage of rug pads for slippery floors. When an individual does not have these rug pads under their carpet or rugs, there is a great chance that they will slip and fall quite frequently throughout their day.

This could lead to some very serious injuries. With rug pads, though, you can reduce your risk of falling significantly. Not only do these products add extra padding underneath your carpet or rugs, but they also help ensure that your floor remains flat and even at all times.

This makes them ideal for both homes and businesses alike!

Rug Pads Under Area Rugs

Protecting your Floors from Wear and Tear When You Have Area Rugs. If you have an area rug in your home, then you know how nice they can look in your house.

You may also know that they can be rather pricey to buy. But there are other advantages to owning one too. First of all, they help protect your floors so that you don’t scratch or damage them while moving chairs or furniture around on top of them.

They also add a nice touch of color to any room in your house as well as a softness underfoot that many people enjoy. So what do you do if you want to keep using your area rugs but need some protection for your floor underneath it?

One option is to use rug pads under them. Rug pads provide a cushion between floor surfaces and rugs so that they don’t scratch or wear down hardwood, tile, laminate or even carpeted surfaces.

Rug Pad Benefits

There are many advantages to having a rug pad under your area rug. Rug pads provide extra padding that can help prevent spills from staining your rugs, in addition to providing greater protection against wear and tear on both sides of your rugs.

Another great benefit is that they’re ideal for helping prevent trip-and-fall accidents, particularly in low-traffic areas like entryways and walkways. Another very practical use for a rug pad is to make it easier to clean your area rugs.

Since most area rugs are not washable, you will need to have them professionally cleaned every few months or so. With a pad underneath your rug, you won’t have to worry about whether or not it will get damaged during cleaning.

A quality rug pad will also extend the life of your flooring by protecting it from possible damage caused by friction between your carpet and hardwood floors.

Rug Pad Installation

Installing a rug pad is a very straightforward project. You’ll want to vacuum or sweep your carpet and then, using scissors, cut the rug pad in a circle that’s about 2 inches bigger than your rug.

Place it under your rug; it should overlap onto all sides. Push down on all four corners and smooth out any wrinkles.

If you have trouble getting your rug pad to stick, try spraying some soapy water onto both surfaces before you lay them together. For more tips on how to install a rug pad correctly, watch our video below!

Rug Pads in Home Improvements

Have you ever noticed how small rugs can slip around on bare floors, even if they are laying over a surface that is perfectly flat?

Even something as small as a hardwood floor will tend to be uneven. This means that even though you place your rug down on top of it, chances are it’s going to be in constant movement.

If you have wood or tile floors, then these movements could potentially cause damage over time.

By using rug pads underneath your rugs, however, you can protect your floors from scratches and dents while also keeping your rugs firmly in place!

Cleaning Rug Pads

To keep your rug pads clean and remove dirt, spill spills or stains you can use cold water to rinse off your pad. If you need more of a deep cleaning, use a mild soap with warm water to soak your rug pad in for about 30 minutes.

Rinse your pad thoroughly before laying it out flat to dry in a well-ventilated area. Be sure not to wring or twist your pad as it may cause damage over time. It is also important to avoid putting your rug pad in the washing machine as doing so will likely ruin it.

In order to maintain your rug pads life span, be sure that when you are vacuuming your rugs, you do not vacuum directly on top of them. Vacuum around them instead to help extend their life span by preventing any pulls or tears from happening while vacuuming.

How to Choose the Right Rug Pad for Your Needs

A good idea to start with the type of floor you have before making a decision about how much padding you will need. If you have high-traffic areas that are prone to scratching or damage, then consider getting special protection for your flooring.

For example, if you want to protect your hardwood floors from foot traffic, then a rug pad can help provide added protection. A rug pad will also help stabilize the flooring and keep it in place.

Types of Rug Pads

There are three main types of rug pads: rubber, felt and cork. Rubber is soft and quiet on your floors, but it doesn’t have a lot of padding or cushioning.

Felt has lots of cushioning and is comfortable to walk on, but some people find that it has an unpleasant smell.

Cork carpet pads are a new option in rug pads; these pad options offer great soundproofing and insulation qualities, as well as being very attractive. However, they do tend to be more expensive than other options.


Rug pads are an important home improvement item for a lot of reasons. They’re so simple to buy, and yet they can really increase your enjoyment in your home!

Before you buy new rugs, make sure you check on rug pads. You may be surprised how much you enjoy them!

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