Steps And How To Installing Ceramic Floors

Steps And How To Installing Ceramic Floors

General purpose :

1. Giving instructions to the students to know how to install floor ceramics on the work of a project and able to direct the students to be able to install the tile floor properly and correctly on home improvement project.

2. Guidance to students materials and tools used in the installation of ceramic floor and able to analyze tools and materials in accordance with its function.

Special purpose :

1. Students can do the installation of ceramic floor properly.

2. Students can use materials and tools available in accordance with its function.


1. Ceramics: used as the main material for floor installation.

2. Cement: used as adhesive for mixture.

3. Sand: used as a mixture of cement.

4. Water: used as a mixture of cement and sand.


1. Shovel: used as a tool to take sand and cement.

2. Mini shovel: used as a means to flatten the species.

3. Bucket: used as a tool to facilitate the taking of the yield.


1. Wear clothing and attributes to be safe in doing the job.

2. Use project helmet (safety helmet).

3. Avoid Joking in work.

4. Avoid the use of tools that are not in accordance with its usefulness.


1. Sand in sieve to remove small stones.

2. Sand mixed with cement at a ratio of 1: 8 and added with sufficient water for the binder.

3. Then after all the ingredients are mixed well then the mixture is placed in the bucket to facilitate the work.

4. At each corner of the wall or installation path on the rope so that the work becomes straight and flat water.

5. Mixed finished material is inserted into the bucket and poured on the surface of the floor that will be installed in the ceramic by using the mini shovel approximately with a thickness of about 3cm and in leveling.

6. Then the ceramic is mounted on top of the already flattened mixture.

7. The ceramic is in cut by using the mini shovel slowly so that no air in the installation.

8. On the sidelines of ceramic there is grout 4mm wide.

9. The work is done to completion.

10. After the work is felt to have finished then clean up the remains of the species that are above the surface of the ceramic.


The weakness of the materials used for the installation of ceramics according to theory and my opinion there is no weakness in the use of building materials because all the installation materials used in the project all the same with the existing theories in the lecture.
Checks that I do physically that is by tapping the ceramic pair slowly to know there is air or not in the ceramic installation.


The conclusion that can be drawn from the observation that all the ingredients used for the installation of ceramics are all the same as the theory, but that distinguishes the mixture that is used for installation is not the same as the theory.
With the different theories that are used for the installation of ceramics in physical strength is not much different from the installation of ceramics by using the theory on campus.

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