Boost Property Value with These 5 Home UpgradesΒ 

These improvements retain their value well, contributing positively to property worthΒ 

Well, look no further.


HVAC Systems

Upgrading heating and cooling systems can yield a 103% ROI, as energy efficiency becomes a priority for buyers.Β 


Garage Door ReplacementΒ 

Replacing a garage door offers a 102% ROI, enhancing both functionality and curb appeal.Β 


Exterior UpgradesΒ 

Adding stone veneer or replacing vinyl siding can provide ROIs of 102% and 94.7% respectively,Β 


New Entry Door

Investing in a new steel entry door can offer a 100% ROI, as it enhances security and first impressions.Β 


Minor Kitchen RemodelΒ 

Updating kitchens with minor changes yields an 89% ROI, enhancing modern appeal.Β